Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law

Intellectual Property

Stafford Rosenbaum attorneys assist businesses and individuals with the protection of intellectual property and intangible assets that are at the core of the modern marketplace.  Trademarks and domain names are important for building a brand, while copyrights and trade secrets protect valuable innovations and the creative endeavors of businesses and individuals. As technology has changed, this area has grown to encompass e-commerce and information technology.

We guide our clients through the process of protecting their intellectual property and intangible assets from start to finish.  Typically, that includes analyzing the assets to determine the best strategies for protection, enacting that protection plan, and then managing and enforcing those rights.

Additionally, we assist clients in preserving and leveraging intellectual property and intangible assets, such as by licensing or other agreements, which can be critical to ensuring the success of businesses and creative individuals in today’s competitive environment.

Our Intellectual Property attorneys regularly handle a variety of issues, including:

  • Enforcement and defense of intellectual property rights
  • Prosecuting and maintaining state and federal trademark applications
  • Preparing federal copyright applications
  • Copyright termination
  • Fair use
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Work Made for Hire Agreements
  • Publishing Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Permissions
  • Transfers of ownership
  • Maintaining trade secrets
  • Securing and maintaining domain name registrations
  • Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies
  • End User License Agreements for Software (EULA)

Entertainment Law

Stafford Rosenbaum attorneys assist clients in the entertainment industry navigate the special legal challenges of that industry.  Our Entertainment Law attorneys are versed in industry standards and the industry’s particular nuances and unique problem areas.  The entertainment industry involves numerous legal disciplines from business law to unions and employment to intellectual property.  Accordingly, Stafford Rosenbaum attorneys serve as full-service legal counsel for our clients’ entertainment businesses.

Our entertainment clients include a wide variety of artists and professionals like an internationally renowned writer and illustrator, playwrights, fiction and non-fiction writers, songwriters, lyricists, composers, musicians, documentarians, filmmakers, producers, special effects houses, photographers, and actors, among others. 

Our Entertainment Law attorneys regularly handle a variety of issues, including:

  • Production Agreements
  • Writers, Collaboration, Composer, Talent Agreements, etc.
  • Location Agreements
  • Depiction Agreements
  • Work Made for Hire Agreements
  • Financing Agreements
  • Agent/Manager Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Options
  • Union Compliance
  • Rights of Publicity
  • Registration and Royalty Management with Performing Rights Organizations (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) and music streaming services