Litigation can be costly in terms of time, emotion and money. In many circumstances, disputes can be resolved outside of court using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, of which there are three main types:

  • Arbitration involves the selection of one or more neutral third parties who make a binding decision after both involved parties present evidence.
  • Collaborative divorce is the process by which parties to a divorce and their attorneys agree that the matter will be decided outside of the courtroom in a respectful and non-combative manner.
  • Mediation involves the use of a skilled neutral third party who does not have the power to force a resolution on the parties but can assist them in arriving at their own confidential solution. Parties retain ultimate control over both the process and the resolution to the conflict.
  • Family Law Mediation offers the opportunity for more control over divorce and family decision making, while maintaining a greater feeling of dignity and respect. Mediation is frequently successful and is almost always a cost-effective way to resolve your divorce or family law dispute.

Whatever the particular form used, ADR is generally a more peaceful and less costly option than litigation. Stafford Rosenbaum’s Alternative Dispute Resolution attorneys have the breadth of experience necessary to help determine whether or not your dispute is suited for mediation, arbitration, or collaborative divorce. If it is, they can provide skillful representation of your interests during that process.

Counsel You Can Trust

Parties to legal disputes often turn to Stafford Rosenbaum’s ADR attorneys to act as neutral decision-makers in the ADR process because of our reputation as fair-minded and skilled facilitators. We have effectively handled or presided over ADR proceedings involving the following types of disputes:

  • Business
  • Personal injury
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
  • Divorce and other family law matters
  • Property damage
  • Commercial disputes
  • Employment
  • Environmental
  • Securities
  • Government
  • Probate administration
  • Trust administration
  • Guardianship

We offer ADR services to a diverse clientele, from individuals and businesses of all sizes seeking counsel skilled in dispute resolution to adverse parties seeking neutral decision-makers to help resolve their disputes out of court. Many of our attorneys volunteer their time to mediate disputes through the Dane County Mediation Program.

Measurable Results

Examples of how Stafford Rosenbaum has put its ADR experience to work for those seeking to avoid or streamline litigation:

  • Obtained, through mediation, a six figure contribution for the purchaser of contaminated real estate from the seller of that property, while also finding an innovative means to clean up the property, resulting in a further reduction in cost
  • Participated in a successful mediation of a dispute between a Wisconsin municipality and three Indian tribes over the proposed location of a casino
  • Negotiated an extremely favorable settlement for a Madison business accused of harassment and discrimination
  • Mediated a dispute between a software supplier and its dissatisfied customer
  • Mediated a dispute between a group of taxi drivers and the owner of the taxi company
  • Acted as an arbitrator in a proceeding between an automobile dealer and an automobile manufacturer
  • Mediated a disagreement among several construction contractors, their insurers and a complaining homeowner
  • Participated in a successful mediation of environmental cases involving dozens of parties

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