Our goal at Stafford Rosenbaum is to treat our clients how we would wish to be treated if we were clients. That’s why we focus on you and how we can best serve your needs. We don’t talk at you; instead, we listen to your goals and concerns and then explain your options and the ramifications of those options. We then work with you to develop the strategy that’s right for your situation.

When you work with Stafford Rosenbaum, you’re in the right hands.

We don’t screen our calls. Going through a switchboard can be annoying. That’s why everyone at Stafford Rosenbaum has a direct phone line. When you call us, you get us — period.

We provide responses in a timely manner. Legal proceedings are stressful enough. If you need something from us on Tuesday, you’ll get it on Tuesday. And if you leave a message for us — via phone, e-mail, or fax — we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

We keep you apprised. To keep you in the loop, we send you copies of all correspondence and any other documents we prepare or receive. (And of course, if you prefer, we will send you only significant correspondence and filings of your choice.)

We use our collective expertise to your best advantage. More than one Stafford Rosenbaum attorney or staff member may perform work on your behalf. But we’re big on efficiency, too, so we do everything we can to help keep down your costs.

We strive to find common sense solutions, tailored to your needs. Not all legal situations are the same, and not all budgets are, either. When appropriate and necessary, we explore alternative fee arrangements, including contingent fees.

We communicate clearly with you about our fees. Our bills detail the days on which work was performed, who did it, what was done, and how long it took them to do it. All out-of-pocket expenses are itemized so you know exactly how your dollar is being spent.

We respect your privacy. We discuss with you up front any special concerns you may have about faxes, e-mails, or other methods of communication to ensure that the confidentiality of our communications with you is maintained.

Above all, we treat every client with respect. We welcome your questions at every point in your partnership with us and at every step along the way. If you ever have concerns about any of our attorneys, any member of our staff, or how your matter is being handled, we encourage you to bring it to our attention so we can address it promptly and in the manner you deserve.

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