Stafford Rosenbaum Files Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court of Behalf of Former Governors ahead of 2024 Presidential Election

Stafford Rosenbaum Attorneys Jeff Mandell, Doug Poland, Rachel Snyder, and Carly Gerads filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court today on behalf of three former Republican Governors—Montana’s Marc Racicot, Massachusetts’s Bill Weld, and New Jersey’s Christie Todd Whitman—urging affirmance of the Colorado court decision barring former President Donald Trump from inclusion on the 2024 presidential election ballot. That decision was based on judicial findings, entered after an extensive trial and affirmed after a full appeal, that Trump violated his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution by leading an insurrection against it.

Governor Racicot, also an accomplished lawyer, former JAG officer, former state attorney general, and former Chair of the Republican National Committee, participated in an interview about this brief with The New Republic magazine, which was released on January 30, 2024. Racicot likens the presidential oath of office in the U.S. Constitution to the terms and conditions of a contract and applauds the litigators involved in the creation of the brief. He praises the brief as outstanding, persuasive, and a product of exceptional legal, research, and writing skills. Hear Governor Racicot’s interview with The New Republic magazine here.

Attorney Jeff Mandell is a partner in the firm’s Madison, Wisconsin office. Jeff chairs Stafford Rosenbaum’s Appellate Law practice team and co-chairs Stafford Rosenbaum’s Election and Political Law practice team with Attorney Doug Poland, both of whom are among Wisconsin’s leading election law litigators. Jeff and Doug argue frequently before the Wisconsin Supreme Court and state courts at every level, regularly handle cases and appeals in federal courts, and have participated in cases at the U.S. Supreme Court on a broad range of issues including election law, legislative redistricting, administrative law, civil procedure, civil liberties, and more. Jeff and Doug are both subject matter experts who frequently write and present on election and political law issues and cases.

Attorney Rachel E. Snyder is a senior associate in the firm’s Madison office. Her practice focuses on election and political law, government law, foundations and nonprofits, and trusts and estates. Rachel is highly experienced with legal writing and is also a frequent author and presenter on topics relating to her practice, including those on campaign finance, charitable giving, and estate planning.

Attorney Carly Gerads is a senior associate in Stafford Rosenbaum’s Milwaukee office. She practices general litigation, with emphasis on election law and commercial litigation matters. Carly’s work on the firm’s Election and Political Law team focuses on election and voting rights law with a special focus on campaign finance law. She argued before the Wisconsin Elections Commission about ballot access challenges in advance of the August 2022 partisan primary.

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