Attorney Katie Harrell contributed to a video publication for the State Bar of Wisconsin’s InsideTrack on January 6, 2021. In this publication, “5 Tips: Law Firm Marketing and Networking,” Attorney Harrell participates with other attorney panelists to provide five of the best pieces of advice by local lawyers for business development, from simple organization to community involvement.

“There are so many volunteer opportunities, and our attorneys take advantage of those opportunities to give their time,” Attorney Harrell states in the video, when referring to the dozens of community organizations in which Stafford Rosenbaum is involved, either by contributing time for various projects or through charitable donations.

The State Bar of Wisconsin’s “Marketing and Networking Diverse Law Firms” full panel discussion, including more advice from Attorney Harrell, will be presented on January 13, 2021 as part of the State Bar’s Lawyer Marketing and Networking Expo.

Click here to read more about Family Law Attorney Katie Harrell, and click here to learn more about Stafford Rosenbaum’s community involvement.

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