Stafford Rosenbaum LLP is a proud sponsor of the 5th Annual Picnic in the Park, an expertly crafted, ‘step back in time’ themed event that includes lavish food and drinks as well as live music. As many people may not know, Madison public parks were actually privately created by a group of influential and civic-minded leaders that came together to create the Madison Parks and Pleasure Drive Association. Dating back to the 1890s, this organization was founded by many of the names we still recognize today: Olin, Owen, Vilas, Burrows, Tenney—and the list goes on. These founders held annual banquets to both bookmark and support their progress, and Picnic in the Park recreates this annual tradition today.

This annual event rotates from park to park, celebrating not only the beautiful spaces throughout Madison but the remarkable history and generosity behind each park. The event features local chefs who provide a themed feast, live musical performances, and an update on Madison Park Foundation’s latest initiatives (which include adding barrier-free, all-inclusive playgrounds like those at Brittingham and Elver Park and the renovation of Golfway Golf Park).  Picnic in the Park was born when Event Essentials wanted to create a signature event to give back to the community that has supported its own growth and success. As a result, Event Essentials pulls out all the stops in support of Madison Parks Foundation to nostalgically transform our public parks and celebrate the legacy of their private creation.

After moving from Tenney Park in its inaugural year, to Hoyt, to Olbrich, to Vilas, this year’s Picnic in the Park at Olin will be celebrated on Saturday, May 21, with a grand view of the State Capitol from Olin Park. This year we step back into the 1940s with a USO theme and live performance from the Neophonic Jazz Orchestra. Attire is semiformal, and period-inspired is encouraged. (Tents are heated if the weather deems necessary, so there is no need to plan for layered clothing.) Local chefs are collaborating from Hone, The Heights, DelecTable and The Vibrant Veg to provide a themed feast along with cocktails and other libations provided by Stateline Liquor.

Stafford Rosenbaum and the Madison Parks Foundation both trace their roots to the same man, the venerable John Olin, founder of the law firm Olin & Butler and the first president of the Parks Association. Today, Stafford Rosenbaum Attorney Kyle Engelke serves as Secretary for the Foundation, and the firm continues its tradition of supporting this annual celebration. Picnic in the Park will be an incredible night to experience while supporting a wonderful community cause: the Madison Parks Foundation. Although there are opportunities to give, there is no raffle, auction, paddle raise, etc.—the overarching goal of the event is to celebrate our history, parks, and the mission to make Madison a better place for everyone.

Please visit for more details, and watch the promo video for an idea of what you could expect of Picnic in the Park. We hope to see you as we raise our glasses in support of the Madison Parks Foundation!

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