Last month, Stafford Rosenbaum partner, Larry Konopacki, was featured in the cover story of Isthmus focused on hemp farming in Wisconsin and its economic possibilities.

Attorney Konopacki, who had a hand in designing the state’s hemp law, is an expert on hemp in Wisconsin. Prior to joining Stafford Rosenbaum in 2018, Atty. Konopacki co-founded the Wisconsin Hemp Alliance and has since served as general counsel to the group. His previous experience also includes serving as an attorney for the Wisconsin Legislative Council. Now that hemp farming has resurged in Wisconsin, Atty. Konopacki is frequently quoted in regard to the laws related to the growth and distribution of hemp, as demonstrated by the featured story.

In the article, Atty. Konopacki explains the high value of hemp and the related issue of security. Despite these challenges for hemp farmers, the article explains in great depth the economic advantages and Atty. Konopacki’s background working on the issue.

To view the full article on the Isthmus website, click here.

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