September 24-25, 2013: The Natural Resources Board agenda includes request for public hearing authorization for proposed rules affecting chs. NR 400, 405, 408, and 410 relating to consistency with federal major source permit review requirements and clean up rules related to the former indirect source permit program and an informational item on the Wisconsin Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

September 25, 2013: The Senate Committee on Natural Resources will hold a public hearing on Senate Bill 302 relating to high capacity well approvals by the DNR. Senate Bill 302 was introduced by Senators Kedzie, Gudex and Tiffany and is cosponsored by Representatives Brooks,Mursau, A. Ott, Lemahieu, Ripp, August, Thiesfeldt, Bernier, and Tauchen on September 18, 2013. It has been referred to the Committee on Natural Resources.

The most significant aspects of the bill include the automatic approval of a high capacity well application if the DNR does not approve or deny the application within 65 days of receiving the complete application, the limitations on the types of conditions that can be imposed on an approval and the limitation on the environmental review period.

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