September 18, 2013: The DNR will hold a public meeting to update the public on the status of the Northern States Power Lakefront Superfund site in Ashland.

September 19, 2013: The DNR will hold a public informational hearing with respect to the proposed Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit reissuance and nutrient management plan for Rosendale Dairy LLC. Construction of a digester facility and waste storage facility are planned just south of the production site. The digester will produce renewable electrical energy from waste generated at Rosendale Dairy.

What to look for in coming weeks:

September 26, 2013: The 25th Annual Environmental Law Update will be held in Wauwatosa from 8:30 – 4:30. The Update will include:
• Keynote address which will discuss land management and its impact on water quality and the need for control of non-point sources of pollution from agriculture.
• Water update which will cover issues such as TMDLs, phosphorus, stormwater, high capacity wells, shoreland zoning and wetlands.
• Air update will include rulemaking and implementation, enforcement, tribal developments, air permitting and policies and permitting and compliance best practices.
• NR 700 update including vapor intrusion pathway, deadlines for beginning and completing work, new reporting requirements, new notices to the impacted property owner, clarifications for management of contaminated soils, changes to setting soil clean-up standards and long-term sustainability of a remedial action.
• Handling or defending a citizen suit case.
• Environmental law in the agricultural arena including groundwater, phosphorus, WPDES permitting, CAFOs, Right to Farm law and common law claims.
• Ethics issues facing the environmental law practitioner.

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