There are no DNR public hearings this week.

What to look for in coming weeks:

October 21, 2013: The DNR is taking comment on the draft guidance for reassigning wasteload allocations in TMDLs. The guidance covers the situations where the wasteload allocation may need to be adjusted or reassigned to correct allocation errors in a TMDL, to allow discharges and communities to regionalize, or to reassign wasteload allocations that becomes available when a facility closes or an outfall is terminated. The DNR states that this process does not require the establishment of a new TMDL, but that affected permittees and other interested parties will be notified when these decisions are made. The Guidance provides a process for a closing facility to sell its wasteload allocations but it is only allowed to sell those allocations to other permittees that can demonstrate a need for the wasteload allocations and the sale cannot create a localized exceedance of water quality. The sale is also subject to approval by the DNR.

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