November 5, 2013: The DNR will hold a public hearing on proposed revisions to chapters NR 400, 405, 408 and 410 relating to consistency with federal major source permit review requirements and clean-up of rules related to the former indirect source program.

November 5, 2013: The Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economy and Mining with hold an executive session on AB 440 which eliminates the requirements that DNR promulgate rules for the program that provides grants for the costs of removing state II vapor recovery systems. The bill also specifies the costs that are eligible costs under the program, including the cost of labor and parts to replace hoses and nozzles and of performing testing that is required to ensure that the work involved has been performed properly.

November 6, 2013: The Senate Committee on Government Operations, Public Works and Telecommunications will hold an executive session regarding SB 314 which regulates the effects of changes in requirements for development-related permits or authorizations on persons who apply for the permits or authorizations. Under the bill, if a person has submitted an application for a permit or authorization for building, zoning, driveway, stormwater or other activity related to residential, commercial or industrial development, the political subdivision must approve, deny, or conditionally approve the application based upon the regulations, ordinances, rules or other properly adopted requirements in effect at the time the application for an approval is submitted. In addition, if a project requires more than one approval or approvals from more than one political subdivision, the existing requirements applicable in each political subdivision at the time of the filing of the application for the first approval required for the project are applicable to all subsequent approvals required for the project. An amendment has been offered that would limit this bill to only residential and commercial approvals.

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