May 6, 2013: The DNR will hold a public hearing on an air pollution control permit application submitted by Motor Castings Company – Plant 1. The application includes plans and specifications for modification and operation of a thermal sand reclamation unit.

May 7, 2013: The DNR will hold a public meeting to present information regarding the master plan for the future for High Cliff State Park and to listen to comments from the public about the Plan.

May 8, 2013: The Senate Committee on Government Operations, Public Works and Telecommunications will hold an executive session on Senate Bill 103 which restricts a municipals utility’s release of customer information which the bill defines as any information received from customers which serve to identify customers individually by usage or account status. The bill prohibits a municipal utility from releasing customer information without the customer’s consent. There are exceptions to the prohibition for releases to certain persons who perform services or functions for municipal utilities or to certain transmission and distribution utilities and operators or to those that are otherwise authorized by law to receive the customer information.

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