February 26, 2014: The Natural Resources Board agenda includes the request for adoption of two rule packages regarding well drilling, one request for hearing authorization for a rule package concerning the WPDES permit program and four scope statement approval requests regarding both air and water rules.

  • The proposed rules for adoption concern heat exchange drilling, including creating a drilling license and construction standards for heat exchange drilling and the inspection of water systems at time of property transfer, licensing of filling and sealing contractors, well inspectors and water well drilling rig operators.
  • The request for hearing authorization concerns a rule that relates to the administration of the WPDES permit program specifically revising section of the administrative code that the EPA had earlier found inconsistent with federal law. The revisions relate to permit processing and permit issuance procedures.
  • The approval requests for scope statement regarding air management rules relate to the volatile organic compound control regulations for lithographic printing and reporting, monitoring and record keeping requirements for stationary source owner or operators.
  • The approval requests for scope statements regarding the water program relate to processes for water body assessments and impaired water listing, biological criteria for water quality standards and biological confirmation of phosphorus impairments as well as rules relating to surface water designated uses, associated water quality criteria, variance waters and qualifying factors for variances based on economic impacts.

February 26, 2014: The Air Management Study Group will hold a meeting. The agenda includes: involvement in federal policy, comments on GHG new source performance standards, proposed PM2.5 redesignation, sand mine air monitoring webpage, landfill gas guidance, air quality maps and an update on air permit streamlining.

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