December 16, 2013: The Division of Hearings and Appeals will continue a contested case hearing in the matter of the conditional high capacity well approval for two potable wells to be located in the Town of Richfield, Adams County issued to Milk Source Holdings, LLC on March 13, 2013.

December 16 & 17, 2013: The DNR will hold a public hearing on proposed revisions to chapters NR 146 and NR 812, relating to licensing criteria for heat exchange drillers and to standards for heat exchange drillholes that will be approved with notification rather than individual review. Hearings will be jointly held with hearing on proposed revisions relating to licensing for well filling and sealing contractors, well inspectors and water well drilling rig operators; to inspection of water systems at time of real estate transfer; and to citations for violations related to well drilling and pump installation.

December 18, 2013: The DNR will hold a public hearing on an air pollution control permit application for the construction, modification and initial operation of the proposed facility modifications from Didion Milling – Cambria. The permit application includes plans and specifications for construction and operation of a new regenerative thermal oxidizer for control of the DDGS dryer with use of the existing RTO for fermentation and vent gas emission control.

December 19, 2013: The DNR will hold a public meeting on the DNR’s proposal to reallocate 90 percent of each biological oxygen demand wasteload made available with the termination of WDPES permit No. WI-0003379-07-0 to the Expera Specialty Solutions Mosinee Mill and to allocate the remaining 10 percent of each BOD wasteload to reserve capacity.

December 19, 2013: The DNR will hold a public meeting on the State’s proposal to add the Yahara lakes to the list of impaired waters not meeting water quality standards. The listing is part of the federally mandated process the DNR must follow every two years to update the list of lakes and river segments requiring the development of TMDL studies. DNR staff will explain how interpretation of monitoring data compels this listing decision and the implementation of the Rock River TMDL along with other watershed initiatives will address the phosphorus-related water quality impairments in the Yahara Lakes.

December 20, 2013: The DNR will hold a public meeting on the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP) monitoring network. Cuts in funding required DNR to examine all NADP sites and perform an evaluation of their prioritization both statewide and as part of a regional network. This evaluation has been completed and will result in the consolidation of a number of sites, as well as the discontinuation of some Mercury Deposition Network and National Trends Network sites. The site changes may occur as soon as January 1, 2014.

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