April 14, 2014: The Brownfields Study Group will hold a Waterfront Revitalization Subcommittee meeting. The agenda includes discussion on the definition of sediment versus soil, beneficial reuse of dredge spoils and performance standards for sediments, dredge spoils and area of interaction between water and ordinary high water mark.

April 14, 2014: The DNR will hold its spring wildlife and fisheries proposed rules hearing and annual Conservation Congress county meeting. Issues up for discussion include the hunting of tundra swans and allowing hunters to retrieve hound dogs on private property without landowner permimission.

April 15, 2014: The DNR will hold a public hearing on the availability of a nutrient management plan and proposed reissuance of the WPDES permit for Burr Oak Heifers LLC (previously permitted as Opitz Custom Heifers, LLC). The DNR will also hold an hour-long question and answer section about the water quality protection permit prior to the public hearing. The previous permit provided coverage of four separate facilities which included approximately 4,250 animal units located on earthen lots. The permittee is scheduled to completely abandon and close all earthen outdoor lots by March/April 2014, with all livestock concentrated under roof at the Burr Oak Heifer facility. The Burr Oak facility would house approximately 3,100 heifers or 2,676 animal units.

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