The federal Department of Labor (DOL) will likely be increasing on-site audits of employer Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) practices in an effort to increase compliance with that law. To keep FMLA policies and practices audit-ready, employers should periodically conduct their own internal audit. The audit should include:

  • A review of policies, notices and other communications to make sure they are in compliance with current regulations.
  • Review of employment law postings to ensure that the FMLA general notice is properly posted.
  • Review of FMLA training content for HR and managers.
  • Review paperwork retention policies to make sure that they comply with the law.

Keep in mind that Wisconsin also has a family and medical leave statute (WFMLA). While the Wisconsin Labor Standards Bureau has not announced plans to audit employers, it is still a good idea to review FMLA policies and practices as set forth above with an eye towards ensuring compliance with state FMLA law as well the federal FMLA.

If you have questions about FMLA policies and practices or other employment law questions, please contact a member of Stafford's Employment Law Team.

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